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PACE are the exclusive UK and Ireland agents for Berndorf Band Group. With the collaboration standing the test of time, enjoying over 50 years working together and seeing both companies grow to the market leaders we see today. We offer steel belts for all of the continuous manufacturing process, from bakery industries, chemical and wax industries, rubber and plastics manufacturing, wood and decorative laminates, food and speciality goods, to simple transportation lines. Perforated and solid steel belts can provide the stability for your production process whatever the application. Our specialists are at hand to help you decide what type of belt can offer the best solution for your application.

We also carry a small selection of stock belts, please call for current stock levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an industrial steel conveyor belt?

An industrial steel conveyor belt is a steel belt that is normally welded in an endless condition and runs around two terminal end drums (one at either end of the conveyor) In most cases the purpose for such conveyors are to transport product/s down the length of the conveyor whilst going through a manufacturing process such as cooling, freezing or baking.

What industries use steel conveyor belts?

The most common industries that utilise steel belt conveyors include the industrial continuous bake oven that use Carbon steel belts in the production of biscuits, jaffa cakes, pies or pasties. Other industries include chemical, wax, resin, wood, laminate using various methods of production from pressing, cooling, freezing or pastilization of products.

Is there any variety in steel conveyor belt materials?

There are several materials and grades of steel that solid steel belts can be manufactured and produced from. Materials include Carbon steel, various grades of stainless steel and in special industries titanium and copper belts exist.

How much do steel conveyor belts cost?

The cost of a steel belt conveyor depends on a number of factors. Factors such as overall dimensions, belt material, conveyor speed required, type of conveyor required and most importantly the process and industry it is required for.


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